​Lobsters, sexpots, philosophy, murder weapons, art, theft, cheese, science and genitals are only a small taste of what's in store during this dinner party from hell. The comedy chiller, written in 2002, throws seven equally interesting and varyingly mysterious people into a five course meal organized by (manipulative, poised) hostess Paige to celebrate her (bitter, pretentious) husband's literary success. 

It's brimming with sharp wit, satire, black humor, poignancy and emotion as it strips away facades and questions everything from the merits of the Internet to the validity of suffering. It asks itself, and asks us, if the divides between seeming counterparts - life and death, right and wrong, truth and lies, love and hatred - are really as strictly black-and-white as society tries to convince us they are.

​Written by Moira Buffini

​Directed by Sophie van Bastelaer

​February 10-13, 17-20 8PM

East of Berlin

​"East of Berlin" tells the story of Rudi, a young man whose life is forever altered when he learns that his father was a Nazi war criminal- a doctor who performed inhumane experiments on Jews in concentration camps. The play takes place when Rudi returns home to confront his father, using flashbacks to recount his initial discovery of his father's crimes, his attempts at denial, two very complicated relationships, and Rudi's endeavour to get away and regain a normal life. Throughout, Rudi struggles with the fears that in many ways, he is similar to the father who has ruined so many lives. 

​Written by Hannah Moscovitch

Directed by Anna Fitz

​January 13-16, 20-23 8PM

Dial 'M' for Murder

"Tony Wendice has married his wife, Margot, for her money and now plans to murder her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect murder. Or so he thinks. "

Written by Frederick Knott

Directed by Ali Aasim

October 14-17, 21-24 8PM

The Players' Theatre will be producing four regular season shows this year, as well as the annual McGill Drama Festival. Here is our 2015-2016 Season Lineup!


Hamlet is dead. His family is dead. His true love is dead. Her family is dead. Thus beginneth a hilarious contemporary follow-up to Shakespeare's Hamlet, starring an array of ghosts ranging from sassy to pious and a variety of snappy alive people. When the Norwegian prince Fortinbras ascends to the throne of Denmark, he feels the need to legitimize his claim- and how better to do that than scrap Hamlet's story entirely and write his own? But when ghosts start reappearing, it doesn't take long for all hell to break loose...

​Written by Lee Blessing

Directed by Claire Hill

​November 18-21, 25-28 8PM